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It is a secret of beautiful skin inherited in Japan.
"Fermentated" ingredients which have long been familiar
as "Elements of beauty skin" since long ago
combined with "Japanese materials" derived ingredients
make your skin into your natural beautiful
"GOKUJO finest skin".


Fermented ingredients
for beautiful skin

"Fermented ingredients" is now popular not only in foods but also in cosmetics.

Fermentation makes food tasting better by improving nutritional ingredients,

also improves the benefits for health.

Fermented ingredients with rich nutrition is just like "Elements of beautiful skin",

which can also be expected to have an good effect on your skin.


We developed a beautiful skin care range

with beauty extracts derived from such great fermented ingredients.

Made from natural fermented ingredients,

a gentle skin care without irritation to your skin.

Japanese materials for natural skin

Japanese have used some foods not only for eating but for making beautiful skin and health.

Our products contain such unique Japanese materials as skin care ingredients

Our goal is telling the wisdom of old generations to all women in modern world,

and helping as many women as possible to be more beautiful.


"RICE" : Japan's most representing food

"MISO" : Japanese traditional fermented super food

"SAKE LEES" : Secrets of beautiful skin of sake brewer


Gokujo Fermented Rice Skincare

Pore cleansing range with "Rice Vinegar Fermented Filtrate" made by a traditional

rice vinegar brewery in Miyazu, Kyoto.

Gently cleanse pores, moisturize skin and make poreless, smooth and elastic skin.


Gokujo Fermented Miso Skincare

Brightening range with "Soybean Fermented Beauty Ingredients" made by fermenting 

Soybean Seed Extract with Aspergillus Oryzae.

Soybean derived ingredients prevents dullness of skin and makes bright and smooth skin.


Gokujo Fermented Sake Yogurt


Moisturizing range by W fermentation formula of "Sake Lees Extract" from Kotobuki brewery

and "Yogurt Filtrate" derived from yogurt.

Sake and Yogurt derived ingredients moisturize and soften your skin.

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