Rice Vinegar Fermented Filtrate
from Miyazu, Kyoto
(Sake Lees Extract)

- Improve skin texture and moisturize

"GINJO" Extract
(Rice Ferment Filtrate (Sake))

- Keep moisture of your skin

Rice Germ Oil

- Soften your skin by emollient effect

- Keep moisture of skin

Rice Bran Extract

- Polished and elastic skin

Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Extract

- Fresh and smooth skin

Glucosyl Ceramide

- Moisturize your skin

        "Rice Vinegar Fermented Filtrate"
derived from pesticide-free organic Japanese rice

In Miyazu, Kyoto, there is a brewery produces unique rice vinegar by fermentation in an traditional method that has been handed down for over 100 years.

Our "Gokujo Fermented Rice Skincare" products contain Sake Lees Extract extracted from sake cake which can be obtained only once a year in the production process of this special rice vinegar.

Mannan scrubs gently massage and remove dirt from pores and old keratin.

"Rice Vinegar Fermented Filtrate" makes fluffy and shiny skin like freshly cooked Japanese rice.

6 kinds of Japanese rice derived ingredient permeate and moisturize your skin to moist and elastic skin.

Okinawa Sea Silt cleanses dirt from pores, and "Rice Vinegar Fermented Filtrate" improves skin texture and moisturizes to provide poreless smooth skin.

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