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-Rice Vineger Fermented Extract from Kyoto fixes up skin texture and moisturizes skin.

-6 ingredients derived from Japanese rice make moist and smooth skin.

-Okinawa sea clay removes dirt from pores and makes bright skin.


- SAKE & YOGURT: Double fermentation makes moist and transparent skin.

- Using Sake Lees Extract from a traditional Japanese sake brewery founded in 1822.

- Silky cream foam gently cleanses skin and makes moist and smooth skin.


- Soybean Ferment Beauty Extract prevents spot and dullness and keep bright skin.

- 7 kinds of Soybean derived ingredients incl. isoflavones keeps women’s skin healthy.

- Rich foam of soybean beauty ingredients makes smooth, white and moisturized skin.

【送料無料】和肌美泉 極醸洗顔 100g x 3種セット(米/酒粕/豆味噌)

¥3,300 Regular Price
¥2,970Sale Price
VAT Included
  • Wet face lightly, then take an appropriate amount into your palm. Create a lather with water. Cleanse with circular motions and rinse with lukewarm water.